Wholesale Plastic Cutting Boards

CleverCut® are premium, plastic cutting boards that are made in Germany from high molecular weight polyethylene. Built to withstand all of the challenges the food industry has to offer, CleverCut® is an investment your customers will be grateful you made.

Not just your standard kitchen chopping block, Clevercut® is dishwasher safe, corresponds with all national and international food laws and unlike cheaper made plastic cutting boards, Clevercut® will not blunt anyone's knives.

CleverCut® premium quality cutting boards can be made to order and are available for custom-sized and coloured wholesale orders. Whatever size shape and thickness desired Clevercut® plastic cutting boards will be custom made to suit your wholesale needs.

CleverCut® plastic cutting boards are HACCP, FDA and BgVV approved and are highly environmentally friendly.

We have every permit you may need for legal foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors which we would be happy to make available on request.


CleverCut® At A Glance

  • FDA & EEC & HACCP Approved
  • Tough and Lightweight
  • Available in Six Colours
  • Available in Various Thickness
  • High Grade and Solid Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Good Electrical Insulating Properties
  • Won’t Splinter, Crack, Peel or Swell
  • Won’t Absorb Moisture
  • Won’t Absorb Bacteria
  • Won’t Absorb Odour
  • Won’t Absorb Chemicals
  • Won’t Dull Knife Blades

Why is Clevercut® Plastic?

CleverCut® is made of premium European high molecular weight polyethylene. This makes our plastic cutting boards non-porous meaning they won't absorb bacteria.

Our polyethylene premium plastic cutting boards are easy to sanitise and can be washed at high temperatures, killing any bacteria that may be lingering on the surface.

The premium quality polyethylene that makes CleverCut® is a high-grade solid plastic that won't wreck and wear like less-premium alternatives. Protected against acids and alkalis, the nature of CleverCut® is sturdy, guarded and durable and is highly solid for cutting on.

Clevercut® meets the BgVV Recommendations III, polyethylene (01.07.2000) which permits its unlimited contact with foodstuffs.

Leading butchers, abattoirs, chefs and other heavy-duty users prefer plastic cutting boards. Don’t settle for wooden or cheaper alternatives that will absorb bacterias, crack and splinter.

Distribute premium plastic cutting board sets that are built to last. Stock and distribute Clevercut®, the clever cutting board.